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News and Blog: 2016

Nicola Williams, Service Complaints Ombudsman – Defence People

The Service Complaints Ombudsman was established by the Armed Forces Act 2015 to provide independent and impartial scrutiny of the handling of Service complaints. Defence People spoke to Nicola Williams to find out more about her new powers and the MOD civil servants that support her. 20160323 – Defence People Interview – February-March 2016(1) The […]

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February 2016 – Service complaints – An internal workplace grievance

Since my role became that of an Ombudsman on 1st January 2016, my office has received many enquiries from Service personnel who want their Service complaint to be investigated by me instead of their chain of command.  There seems to be confusion as to why I can’t do this, so I thought I would use […]

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Fairer, more efficient and effective – Navy News

On New Year’s day, Nicola Williams became the first Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces as part of a revamp of the complaints system. https://issuu.com/navynews/docs/201602 The Service Complaints Ombudsman is not responsible for the content of other websites that it links to.

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January 2016 – Service Complaints Ombudsman – The first 30 days

    The 1st January 2016 saw not only the beginning of a new year but the beginning of the new Service complaints system and my role as Service Complaints Ombudsman. Over the past 30 days we have received a steady stream of enquiries from current and former Service personnel wanting to obtain further information […]

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June 2015 – Meeting serving personnel overseas and on deployment

Much of the Armed Forces’ work lies overseas and I have been determined to make sure I get out and meet personnel on deployment as well as in their home bases, to help me get a real feel for the challenges they face. On deployment in the Gulf In my opening blog entry, I mentioned […]

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Fighting sexism and bullying in the forces – Channel 4 news with Jon Snow

Alex Thompson (Chief Correspondent) This investigation highlighted the case of Rebecca Crookshank and – for once – actually produced video footage of bullying in the RAF at a Falklands base. Nicola Williams, who’s just become the new military ombudsman, says she’s determined to root out sexual harassment in the armed forces. https://www.channel4.com/news/fighting-sexism-and-bullying-in-the-forces The Service Complaints […]

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The Service Complaints Ombudsman – IONTHECITY

Nicola has been a barrister, a judge and served on regulatory bodies.  She has been the second woman Service Complaints Commissioner for the armed forces and now has a more important role, that of the first  Service Complaints Ombudsman, to the Military. https://ionthecity.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/the-service-compaints-ombudsman/ The Service Complaints Ombudsman is not responsible for the content of other websites […]

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