COVID-19 Update 03/11/2020: Please read for the latest official update.

Backlog Update

As of 28 September we have 123 applications for substance (merits) and maladministration investigations that are waiting to be allocated to an investigator, this is a small increase from the last update in August. However, our Investigator Support Officer is providing regular updates to all of those waiting for an investigator.

We have offered three individuals fixed term contracts as Senior Investigators. We are pleased to say that they have accepted and are now going through recruitment checks which we anticipate will take some weeks. This will bring the number of Senior Investigators up to a total of eight, doubling our resource from earlier in the year.

Our existing Senior Investigators are continuing to work through the cases that have been allocated to them. We are confident in the quality of investigations we are completing despite the delays in delivery. We are continuing to do everything we can to resolve the backlog and reiterate that if you are thinking about making an application for a substance or maladministration application, please do not let the current backlog put you off.