IMPORTANT:  SCOAF staff are working remotely due to Government guidance regarding coronavirus. You can still access our service by leaving a message on our phone, or by submitting your application to our contact mailbox: contact@scoaf.org.uk. If possible, do not send applications or documents to us by post as we do not currently have access to the office. Read more

Backlog Update

As of 1 September 2019, we had 82 unallocated substance and maladministration cases, a decrease of 4 cases since the end of July. Although the figure is slowly decreasing, the number of applications being received is growing daily, faster than investigations can be closed but the backlog is moving in the right direction.

To help reduce the backlog, we have recently advertised across the Civil Service for two senior investigators and are in the process of sifting the applications.

Please be assured that we are working hard to reduce the time it takes for cases to go through our system despite an increasingly complex caseload. Waiting times and our processes are under constant review. The current wait time for allocation is 17 months. But if you are thinking about making an application for a substance or maladministration application, please don’t allow the current backlog to prevent you from making an application to us. Failing to make an application could see you lose your right to an Ombudsman investigation for your particular complaint.