Office Notice: 01/01/2021 – SCOAF staff are still working remotely. If you need to contact us, please phone and leave a voicemail, or send an email to our contact mailbox, and our Enquiries Team will contact you back within 2 working days.

Backlog Update

As of 30 June, there are 39 unallocated substance and maladministration cases in the queue, this is an increase of 8 from last month. It is taking us 12 months to allocate a case to an investigator. This is still unacceptably high and the team is working hard to reduce the delay. However, the Army has access to their case files so they are able to send us Service complaint files. This means that cases will be allocated in the order we received them. However, if you are thinking about making an application to us for a substance or maladministration investigation we encourage you to do so. It is very important that you make your application to the Ombudsman within the 6-week time limit otherwise we may not be able to review your case at all.

Please note that applications for referrals, undue delay investigations and reviews of admissibility decisions are not subject to delays.

SCOAF staff are still working remotely, so we are unable to receive the post. Please send any correspondence to us by email if you can. The best way to contact our office is by email to our contact mailbox: contact@scoaf.org.uk. For more information read how the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is impacting our service