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Respondent in an on-going Service complaint

Under the current legislation the Ombudsman has no power to assist respondents to a Service complaint.

If you believe that as a respondent you have been treated unfairly as part of the process you can make a Service complaint about that. You can make a Service complaint whilst the complaint is ongoing or when it has been fully determined.

There are two ways to make a Service complaint:

  1. Submit a written complaint to your chain of command.
  2. Ask the Ombudsman to refer your intention to make a complaint to your chain of command. If you have left the Service this will be sent to the Service Secretariat of your Service.

If you do make a complaint there are some matters which are excluded, such as decisions made by the Specified Officer, Decision Body or Appeal Body in respect of another person’s Service complaint. See JSP831, Part 1, Annex B for more information.

If you want the Ombudsman to refer your intention to make a Service complaint. Click below to access the form that you need to complete.

Application for Referral