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Anyone else

Members of the public

The Service complaints system is the internal workplace grievance system for members of the Armed Forces in the UK.

The jurisdiction of the Ombudsman is limited to current and former Service personnel who want to make a Service complaint about a matter that has affected their Service life, whilst subject to Service law. The Ombudsman has no power to assist members of the public who want to make a complaint.

Click here to read more information on what the Ombudsman can and can’t do

Complain about a MOD service 

If you would like to make a complaint or unhappy about a service provided by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).  You can write to MOD Ministers at the following address:

MOD Ministerial Correspondence Unit

5th Floor, Zone A

Main Building

Whitehall, London


You can find information on the MOD complaints procedure including making complaints about low flying aircraft’s click  here.

MOD Civil Servants

The Ombudsman cannot investigate complaints made by MOD Civil Servants. The Ombudsman only has jurisdiction over the Service Complaints system. The Service Complaints system is the internal workplace grievance system for members of the UK Armed Forces.

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect. If you believe you have experienced unacceptable behaviour you are encouraged to seek support and report the matter.

Advice and Support

There are many options available to get support and advice.

  • Speak to your manager or local D&I Adviser or Practitioner
  • Contact DBS Casework Services on 0800 345 7772 Option 4.
  • Contact the anonymous Whole Force Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination Helpline on 0800 783 0334.
  • Contact the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) on 0800 345 7047.

Report the matter

You can try to resolve the matter informally. There are five ways to do this. You can:

  1. speak to the Respondent(s) directly;
  2. write to the Respondent(s);
  3. ask your Chain of Command / Manager to intervene;
  4. ask a colleague or Trade Union representative to intervene; or
  5. requesting mediation

Please note that an informal complaint does not prevent an individual from making the complaint formal. You have the right to make a formal complaint at any point, regardless of whether attempts were made to resolve the matter informally.

For future guidance read JSP763: The MOD Behaviours and Informal Complaints Resolution Policy

Information on formal complaints can be found in the MOD civilian formal bullying, harassment and discrimination complaints policy and procedures.

Other Ombudsman Organisations

Not the right Ombudsman? You can find information about different Ombudsman organisations that may be able to assist with your matter by using the Find an Ombudsman tool on the Ombudsman Association website.

The Service Complaints Ombudsman is not responsible for the content of other websites that it links to.