Have your say - Tell us about your Service Complaints experience!

20 May 2024

Were you involved with Service Complaints recently? Were you a complainant or respondent, an assisting officer or investigator, or did you sit on a decision panel? How was it for you? 

Have your say by filling in the feedback survey.


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Background: In 2021 the Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces (SCOAF) launched its Service Complaints User Feedback Survey as a mechanism to capture the user experience of the Service Complaints system. 

Why we need your feedback: This information is collated and used to inform the Ombudsman’s Annual Report, providing supporting data in the assessment of whether the Service Complaints system is efficient, effective and fair and the making of new recommendations. 

It enables you, the user of the Service Complaints system, to provide your views on the system to an independent body in confidence.

How the feedback has been used to date: SCOAF has recently published its assessment of the Service Complaints process for 2023, and as in previous years, has utilised the feedback received to inform Chapter one – Efficient, Effective and Fair and Chapter two – The Work of the Service Complaints system.

The 2023 Annual Report, along with previous reports can be found on the SCOAF website.

We need you: We are now looking to compile evidence for the 2024 Annual Report on user experience. Tell us:

  • What went well with making a complaint.
  • What went badly.
  • How the experience affected you overall.
  • If it solved the underlying problem.

SCOAF exists to provide independent and impartial oversight of the Service Complaints system.


Your experience of the Service Complaints system matters.