SCOAF Governance

SCOAF Strategic Objectives 2021-2025

SCOAF has a five year strategic plan which was developed in consultation with staff, all of whom have contributed ideas and insight.

In order to achieve the right balance of objectives consideration has been given to the nature of the existing relationships with key stakeholders and the Services, and their reflections on what value SCOAF could provide in support of the shared goal of a better Service Complaints system.

SCOAF has also considered this strategy in the context of the wider ombudsman landscape, how we can best fulfil our role as a champion of good complaints handling, and how we can ensure we are playing an active role in shaping the legislation landscape around Service Complaints.

SCOAF's three strategic objectives are:

Objective one: Improve organisational performance to ensure SCOAF operates in a way that is efficient, effective and fair.

Objective two: Increase confidence in the Service Complaints system by sharing knowledge and insight, and driving awareness and visibility of the Ombudsman.

Objective three: Identify and drive forward systemic change through [continued] engagement with wider stakeholders.

Governance Framework

In October 2023, the SCOAF and MOD published a Governance Framework Agreement which outlines the broad governance framework within which the SCOAF and the MOD operate. It sets out the SCOAF's core responsibilities, describes the governance and accountability framework that applies between the roles of the MOD, the SCOAF and out how the day-to-day relationship works in practice, including in relation to governance and financial matters.

The document can be viewed below or via MOD SCOAF Governance Framework Agreement (

SCOAF Business Plan 2024-25

To support the strategic objectives, SCOAF produces a business plan which outlines SCOAF's in-year objectives, finances, resourcing and risk.

A mid year update is provided to show progress against the objectives in October each year.

This year's business plan can be found below.

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Updated 28 April 2023