Our structure and staff

SCOAF has funding for 26 members of staff, including the Ombudsman.  Periodically SCOAF may also utilise the services of fee earning investigators.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, and aim to maximise the talent of our team by attracting, retaining and developing people with diverse skills, increasing representation at all levels to build a workforce where differences are recognised and valued.

All SCOAF staff are recruited through open and fair competition.  

The Business Team

The Business Team has a wide portfolio of work.  Some of their key responsibilities are: production and delivery of the Ombudsman's Annual Report; providing key statistical data both internal and external; monitoring expenditure in-line with managing public money; management of SCOAF's communications including digital communications. and the monitoring of all SCOAF's recommendations.

The Business Team consists of 8 members of staff: the Ombudsman’s Executive Assistant, Policy and Improvement Manager, Statistics Manager, Statistics Support Officer, Communications Officer, Business Manager; and Administration Support. The team is overseen by the Head of Office.

The Operations Teams

The Operations Team makes referrals and conducts investigations on behalf of the Ombudsman. This is done under delegated authority, where the Ombudsman gives staff the power to carry out these specific functions.


The Enquiries and Referrals Team is the frontline of our office. The Enquiries and Referrals Officers also make all referrals under delegated authority from the Ombudsman.

They are the first point of contact for anyone:

  • Making an application to the Ombudsman, or
  • Seeking information about the Ombudsman's powers and processes.

They can provide information about the Service complaints process, but not advice about whether a person should make a Service complaint. The decision to make a complaint can only be made by the individual.

The team ensure that every individual contacting our office is treated with the utmost care and concern. They often deal with very sensitive issues but they are not a crisis or welfare service.



The Investigations Team consists of 12 experienced investigators and a Head of Investigations. The team is overseen by the Chief Operating Officer.

The Investigations Team discharges the Ombudsman's investigations function. This is done by conducting independent and impartial investigations and producing decision reports.

The team carry out all stages of the investigations process under delegated authority from the Ombudsman. This includes decisions to accept a matter for investigation, conducting investigations, making findings and recommendations and preparing, disclosing and signing investigation reports.

As an impartial Ombudsman service, it is essential that people can trust the independence of our investigations. 


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