Information about an issue affecting a loved one

The Service complaints process

A Service complaint is usually made within a period of 3 months of the incident occurring. More information on timeframes and processes can be found in JSP831. Contact our Enquiries and Referrals Team who will be able to provide more information on the Service complaints process.

How to make a Service complaint

If your loved one believes that they have been wronged in their Service life and would like to make a Service complaint. There are two ways they can make a complaint. They can:

  1. Submit a written complaint to his or her Service Secretariat Central Admissibility Team (CAT).
  2. Ask the Ombudsman to refer his or her intention to make a Service complaint to their Service Secretariat Central Admissibility Team (CAT).

If your loved one would like the Ombudsman to refer their intention to make a complaint to their Service on their behalf. Click below to access the form that they need to complete.

Please note that that we can only accept a completed application form from the person who wishes to make the complaint if they give us their consent to do so. The application form will need to be returned to us from their personal email address.