The Ombudsman has no jurisdiction at this stage

If your complaint is following a special-to-type* (STT) process the Ombudsman has no jurisdiction at this stage. If you are not happy with the outcome from the STT process, it will be open to you to make a Service complaint about the issue. Once you have made a Service complaint the Ombudsman will be able to help in different ways.

But if you feel the STT process is taking too long, you can ask the Ombudsman to investigate undue delay in the handling of a Service matter.

To find out more information and make an application click the link below.

For more information on the Ombudsman’s powers read about what the Ombudsman can and can’t do

*Special-to-type (STT) procedures resolve certain types of complaints. These include complaints about Service health care, housing, pay and allowances. This list is not exhaustive. For more information on STT processes and how may affect your service complaint read  JSP831, Part 2, Section 3