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The Ombudsman’s powers

The Ombudsman only has jurisdiction over the Service Complaints system.

The Service Complaints system is the internal workplace grievance system for members of the Armed Forces in the UK. As such, the Ombudsman has no powers to assist members of the public or family members of Service personnel who want to make a complaint.

For more information on the Ombudsman’s power’s see How can the Ombudsman help me?

Advice and Support

If you are looking for other information or support you may want to contact one of many Service charities and organisations 

MOD complaints procedure

How to complain

If you would like to make a complaint or unhappy about a service that you have recieved from the Ministry of Defence.  You can write to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Ministers at the following address:

MOD Ministerial Correspondence Unit

5th Floor,Zone A

Main Building




More information on the MOD complaints procedure can be found on their website.

Raising concerns about wrongdoing and malpractice at work

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a confidential hotline that allows personnel to raise a concern where they believe someone has, is, is going to, is asking them to, or is covering up wrongdoing against the MOD that:

  • goes against the Values and Standards of the Services or Civil Service Code, or is illegal;
  • endangers others or places the health and safety of people at risk;
  • places our property, assets and money at risk through theft, fraud, or negligence

The Confidential Hotline can be contacted in one of the following ways:

The Confidential Hotline is not to be used to raise queries about Service complaints. The Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern policy can be accessed on the MOD intranet.

Special-to-Type Matters (STT)

There are certain matters which are considered Special-to-type (STT) that have their own complaints processes such as healthcare, housing, pay and allowances. This list is not exhaustive.

Your complaint may have to go through a separate process first depending on what your complaint is about. Your chain of command or the complaints secretariat for your Service will let you know if this is the case.

Your Service complaint may be paused pending the outcome of the STT process whilst it is being investigated. If you are still not happy with the outcome you will have the option to reactivate your Service complaint.

To find out more information about special-to-type processes and how it affects your Service complaint. You can contact the complaints secretariat for your Service or read JSP831, Part 2, Section 3 Paragraph 29.

Other Ombudsman organisations

Not the right Ombudsman? You can find information about different Ombudsman organisations that may be able to assist with your matter by using the Find an Ombudsman tool on the Ombudsman Association website.

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