August 2020 Backlog Update

3 Jul 2020

As of 28 August 2020, there were 40 unallocated substance and maladministration cases, a slight increase from last month. The oldest case received dates back to July 2019 and it is taking 14 months to allocate a case. The investigation team are still working remotely due to COVID-19 but are continuing to work hard to try to reduce the backlog. We are in the process of recruiting a new investigator and the interviews are scheduled to take place in early September.

Please do not let our backlog put you off making an application to the Ombudsman’s office. The six-week limit for applications to be made to the Ombudsman after receiving a final decision is set in law and so we are only able to accept applications outside of timeframe under exceptional circumstances. It is therefore very important that you submit your application to our office as soon as possible.

There is no backlog dealing with applications for referrals, undue delay investigations or admissibility reviews.