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Annual Reports

Service Complaints Ombudsman Annual Reports

Statistical Notice: Correction to 2019 Annual Report Statistical Tables

The figures in tables 1.22 and 1.23 relating to the time taken to process maladministration and substance investigations have been revised from those first published on 12 May 2020. The figures have been revised due to data processing errors which occurred during the production of the initial tables.





Service Complaints Commissioner Annual Reports

Below are links to the Annual Reports released by the Service Complaints Commissioner from 2008-2015.

Annual Report 2008 (2 MB)
Annual Report 2009 (2 MB)
Annual Report 2010 (3 MB)
Annual Report 2011 (2 MB)
Annual Report 2012 (2 MB)
Annual Report 2013 (4 MB)
Annual Report 2014 (2 MB)
Annual Report 2015 (1 MB)